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Director's Message

Foreword Greetings from Society Towards Operation Pollution!!


Society Towards Operation Pollution has been in existence since 1996. This journey was started from programs like primary education to the children, creation of awareness in the society, health camps, blood donation camps, and distribution of clothes, road safety drive and many more.

We have now expanded with our activities by promoting skill development program through  CSR initiatives. Our vision is to realize the dreams of the poor and the underprivileged.

Our focus is on those who are unable to access quality healthcare, education or basic amenities which will give them an improved quality of life.


Livelihood, women empowerment and environment are some other key areas of concern. Our programs are driven by our mission – to work/ act as an agent of change to help the poorest of the poor access and actualize their rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India. In the past years we have enhanced and expanded the range of programs. The time is ripe for us to review and realign our programs to the changed realities. We need to reflect and strengthen our successful programs and rework programs which are not effective or do not add value to the beneficiaries. We will strive to be transparent and accountable.


Thank You.

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