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Never Give Up, Today is Hard, Tomorrow is worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

We believe that opportunities and skills are the basic need for the every human being for survival in this modern era. As we live in India where people live in such poor situations where they spend their whole day in finding of two square meal of the day. They have talent and capacities to work hard but due to unaware about their potential and capabilities, they find difficulties in their livelihoods and live under the unemployment and underemployment situations. We have strong believed that every individual is unique and has potential and capacities of leading his/her life with full potential.


With research and surveys we found that elimination of unemployment and under employment can only be through imparting skills and vocational training with gradual and sequential approach.

We want to help every individual especially weaker section and low socio-economic sector to have standard of living, physical, mental, moral, spiritual, social and economic development, especially those who are deprived due to unemployment and underemployment.


Our programs and strategies are to provide skill development training and link them with job opportunities.

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