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Successfully Placed Students....

Stories of Transformation


Among the learners who have been able to  secure a job after the Teach India course is  19-year-old Neha. As a child she aspired to be  an air-hostess but circumstances at home  were difficult. She lost her father at an early  age and her mother’s job was of a maid and  she was barely enough to make ends meet.

Paying the fees of Rs 1.2 lakh was virtually  impossible. She had lost all hope but at a  friend’s suggestion joined STOP NGO, Teach  India course. At the job fair after the course,  Neha bagged a job with PVR Cinemas. She  said, “I am very happy. I will work with this  company till I can save enough money for my  training.”

For 20 year old Arvind Tiwari, STOP NGO skill  development course proved to be a stepping  stone to success. His family had hoped he  would start a roadside tea stall but Arvind's  options broadened after he chanced upon the  course. He is now a cafe manager in Costa  and is wellversed with coffee brews and  culture.He is very happy and want to grow  more in his life.


Deepa a learner of STOP. It was STOP's skill development programme that transformed her life. Deepa had just finished school when his 15 years old brother died. She was the only child left behind. Both of her parents were in worst trauma which resulted in the loss of her father's job who was the only bread earner of the family. The family went under financial crises badly. The burden of assuming the responsibility for her parents drove her to depression. To achieve her career became a mere dream for Deepa. With no finance it was a dream to pursue her ambition, a job seemed to be a closer to reality for her. It was then she joined Retail Sales Associate course in STOP. After the course, Deepa bagged a job in BATA. Her customer skills impressed people a lot and she was promoted in just 8 months. She now is independent and confident to face the world. She is also taking care of her parents sincerely.

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